Your baby's digital health record

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Please find below some of the great feedback we've received so far. If you would like to add your own testimonial, please contact us.

 "New mothers will now be able to carry their red book around with them on their smart phone and tablet as the NHS moves towards offering digital Personal Child Health Records.  This will put an end to worrying about leaving your child’s information at home when going for a review, vaccination, or emergency treatment"

Tim Kelsey, National Informatics Director

 “Only patients can unlock the potential of electronic record. A digital “Redbook”– is a great place to start”.  

- Lord Darzi, Paul Hamlyn Chair of Surgery at Imperial College London, the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research, surgeon, director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation and Labour health minister between 2007-2009

 “As a father of a one year old daughter, I am particularly interested in the eRedbook, allowing parents to keep accurate and up to date records of their child’s early development online”

- Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary

"eRedbook is a fundamental part of a paradigm shift that will see parents and children co-managing their care with professionals, one of the key benefits that online records will bring.”

- Dr David Low, Chair Informatics for Quality Committee Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

“This is just the kind of development in health information services that we want to support and promote in the UK because it puts parents in a strong position to work with Health Profes­sionals as real partners rather than as supplicant care givers”

- Dr Malcolm Rigler, GP & Health Ambassador at The Patients Association

“It just allows everyone to be more involved in Oscar’s life which for me is a vitally important thing.”

- Parent

“Another brilliant piece of work; you can watch a video about the e-redbook here”  

- Anne Cooper - Clinical Informatics Advisor (Nursing) at NHS England

 “I like the fact that with the eRedbook it will grow as Liam grows, and that he will eventually take responsibility”

- Parent

“The e-Redbook is an exciting new online tool that has the potential to really revolutionise how parents and health visitors work together in the future to improve children’s overall health, and we want to encourage any parents with babies or toddlers in the area to start using it. Parents who have already been testing out the new e-Redbook tell us they have found it very interactive and easy to use, and our health visitors have also reported a better consistency in record-keeping and appointment attendance too.”

- Jane Banks, Year Zero Lead for Liverpool Community Health