Your baby's digital health record

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How do I get an eRedbook?

The eRedbook is freely available for parents and health professionals at participating NHS Trusts. You can register your interest and stay up to date here.

What are the benefits of the eRedbook?

The eRedbook is secure and easily accessible: it's digital, so it can't get lost or damaged, and your child’s health records are available wherever you are as long as you have an Internet connection. 

Is the eRedbook replacing the paper Red Book?

No: the eRedbook is about providing parents with a choice about how they interact with health services. When parents are offered a Red Book they will be given the choice between the paper and the electronic version (or both).

What are the differences between the eRedbook and the paper version?

There are no major differences between the eRedbook and the paper version, apart from some advantages that can be offered by going digital such as how you navigate, uploading photographs and some additional information guidance. 

Does it cost money to use the eRedbook?

No. The eRedbook is provided free of charge, in the same way the paper Red Book is.

Is my child’s information stored safely?

The eRedbook uses Microsoft HealthVault to securely store your personal data. You access eRedbook by entering your HealthVault username and password. You can keep your digital record as secure as possible by protecting your username and password. 

You can find out more about staying safe online at and

Can anyone else see my child's health record?

The eRedbook and its developer, Sitekit, don't have access to your digital record or its contents. In technical terms, the eRedbook sits 'on top' of HealthVault - it does not store any information directly into the eRedbook itself.  You, as a parent, are the sole owner of your data.

If you'd like to learn more about the way the eRedbook operates on a technical level, including details on how the eRedbook interoperates with NHS systems, please get in touch.

What is Microsoft HealthVault and why do I need to create a HealthVault account to access eRedbook?

Microsoft HealthVault is an online personal health record (PHR) platform. It helps you safely gather, store, use and share health information for you and your family.

eRedbook uses HealthVault because it is a secure place to hold your child's health information. It also means that you can use that data for other HealthVault enabled applications.

When signing up for eRedbook you will need to create a HealthVault account (if you do not already have one) and allow eRedbook permission to access your account.

HealthVault is hosted in Microsoft's Secure EU (European Union) Data Centers in Amsterdam and Dublin.

Visit to learn more about Microsoft HealthVault.

For health professionals:

I'm a midwife, health visitor, GP or other health professional. What should I do to offer the eRedbook to my parents?

The eRedbook is readily available at several NHS Trusts, and can also be deployed to other regions. Please get in contact with our team at for advice.

Could I see a demonstration of the eRedbook in action?

Yes, we'd love to show you how the eRedbook works. Please get in touch with our team for a demo.