Your baby's digital health record

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About the eRedbook

What is the eRedbook?

The eRedbook is the UK’s first digital Personal Child Health Record, providing parents and clinicians with the tools they need to effectively manage a child’s healthcare from day one.

Currently, parents of every child born in the UK are given a paper-based personal child health record, informally known as the ‘Redbook’. This record contains general information of a child’s health, growth and development and is held by the parents of the child. This record is updated whenever a new-born child might visit a doctor, midwife, dentist, or other healthcare professional; or by the parents of the child in the case of family medical histories, their own observations of their child, and updating of address details, etc. The Redbook also has a number of resources to provide assistance and information to parents should they require help and support.

The eRedbook is an online version of the existing, paper-based Redbook, created, updated and maintained by either the eRedbook custodian – typically, a child’s parents – or by the relevant health professional. We’re building the application using the Microsoft HealthVault platform, one of the world's most secure software servers.

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