Your baby's digital health record

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About the eRedbook

What is the eRedbook? 

The eRedbook is the UK’s first digital Personal Child Health Record. It is the online version of the paper-based record, informally known as the ‘Redbook’. It contains general information of a child’s health, growth and development and is held by the parents of the child. This record is updated whenever a new-born child might visit a doctor, midwife, dentist, or other healthcare professional; or by the parents of the child in the case of family medical histories, their own observations of their child, and updating of address details, etc. The online version uses the Microsoft HealthVault platform, one of the world's most secure software servers. 

What is the eRedbook mobile app? 

The eRedbook mobile app provides you with valuable information guidance tailored to the age of your child (or your stage of pregnancy). Similar to the full online version, you can use the mobile app to make notes and store these securely in Microsoft HealthVault. If you live in the London area you can request that the NHS send your child’s health records to your eRedbook, so that you always have access to them. This involves asking a health professional (your midwife or health visitor) to authorise this eRedbook.

Authorising the eRedbook 

Having an 'authorised' eRedbook means that a health professional has checked that you can receive your child's official NHS records. These records will then be sent to your eRedbook, as they become available.

In order to help your health professional authorise this eRedbook, please make sure your email address is entered correctly in your Settings. The health visitor/midwife also needs to verify your identity. You can help them by showing them two forms of identification (one of these must contain a photo) e.g.,

  • Passport
  • Photo driving license
  • Bank statements
    (Not bills)